A Brief History of John Sunol

A site dedicated to the man John Christopher Sunol really wouldn't be complete without a brief history of who he is and what he has done. Without this information, visitors to this site would not be able to make an informed judgement about this man. So here goes.

John is currently working as a Taxi Driver in the Newcastle, New South Wales region. John is an allegedly very educated, and he has his own website, which is dedicated to his own taxi business, as well as his political campaign. But as you may see from this history, there are certain parts missing from the information he chooses to make public.

John's entry into the public field started in 1999. He alleged he was studying a unit in Social Activism at the time, It was while he was studying this unit that he picked one of his first targets, the Queer Youth Web Community (then known as the Australian Gay Youth Resources Homepage). Here,he'd made a number of somewhat offensive comments. including the gay games were being run by corrupt officials, that sites that deal with sexuality are damaging, and that the Mardi Gras is a curse on Sydney. From his messages here, where he also claims to delete messages that he does not agree with, it is fairly obvious that John specifically targets people who dare to stand up and present an opposing point of view.

During this period, he began a campaign of harrassment via email. For a period, this also extended to phoning people he did not agree with and abusing them over the phone. This continued for some time, and some people were victim to over 20 emails, phone calls and mobile phone text messages per day. This subsided when he received a phone call from the police requesting that he stop this. His publication of offensive material on his own, and other, websites continued throughout.

Starting in 2004, a case was lodged with the Anti-Discrimintation tribunal. It was alleged that he had vilified homosexuals, through phrases like "Fags are all evil, wicked people" and "God will burn Sydney to the Ground because of the evilness of these fags". John was found to have vilified and was ordered to issue an apology.

This concludes our history of John Christopher Sunol. Needless to stay he still thinks he can get away with it, but with a bit of public education of what this man has really done should hopefully prove to him one day that what he is done is wrong. It is simply not acceptable to harrass people in this manner, or to make outrageous and incorrect claims without providing the evidence to back the claims up.