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Some of you may be wondering what the point of this site is. The reason it is here is so that there can be the fair dissemination of the information that John would like to see suppressed so he can have a one-sided argument.

Who is this John Sunol chap I hear you ask? John is a Taxi Driver in Newcastle, Australia. He is allegedly very well educatied. Many, many blue moons ago, he started a "campaign" stating some rather politically incorrect views about the GLBTI community. It is also alleged that he harrassed members of the public that did not share his viewpoint, and openly challenged it. He also suffered the consequences of his actions, once the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal (ADT) found him guilty of vilification.

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. With this freedom, there comes the responsibility to use it wisely. This page serves as a reminder to John as to what happens if you do not use this freedom responsibly. We hope he learns from this experience.